Saturday, August 13, 2011

a bit of the hidden in Ashland Oregon's Historic Railroad District

Every town must have its collection of hidden spots. Ashland Oregon's Historic Railroad District has more than a few; and many regular visitors have yet to delve into what this treasure holds. Here is a peek which goes a bit deeper than the lovely "A" Street. Walk all along the Railroad tracks to find dog-walkers, real-live lollygaggers and local, free, public art! The trains that park here are equally decorated, which makes the trains and the tracks perfect backdrops in Senior portraits and other local modeling adventures. 

I was  fortunate to purchase my first house here, 
grow a family here and start my first business here
 and I adore this part of town.                                                  

A good free box allows our community a place (in addition to numerous charities, closets and thrift stores) to freely give used clothing and shoes and it gives us a place to pick out something free to take home (wash) and remake! Our tiny community free box is in the Railroad District on Water Street, in our Recycle Center. Now, any odd situation that just popped in to your mind at reading this is probably true: Ashland's Free Box has seen it all! However, Ashland is a special place with fantastic people. Here, the community who uses the free box, runs the free box (with professional help over the years from Tim and Chris and others). Our free box is a humble hut which shows up on Google maps; has it's own video

"a couple interesting Ashland Freebox stories"

on youtube; and an unposed, un-retouched (third photo down) photo with loving description in "The Heart of the Community". It might even speak to you: "if you don't mind, would you come in two at a time please?".

There you have it, a bit of the hidden in Ashland Oregon's Historic Railroad District.

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