Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Feeling California 1970's today

Lynn, originally uploaded by LynnWords.
I have lived in Oregon almost half my life now but of course California does not leave a Californian's blood. That's me pictured here, walking down a hill on a farm in Lafayette, California. A favorite day of mine since I got to hold a baby lamb (many can attest to my LAMBIES!! yell each Spring when the lambs start sproinging on the grassy hills). The hills behind me here are brown of course, being California, and being the Seventies, we were putting bricks in the toilet tank and all that. I was born in Berkeley, California, and raised "in the East Bay" as we out there through the Caldecott Tunnel like to say.

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  1. Nice picture, I miss California too, miss the beach, where I went swimming nearly everyday in the summer and on the weekends, sometimes after school too.