Friday, August 26, 2011

Mixed Vintage

Mixed Vintage resells vintage & high quality merchandise. Perhaps you have something at home to sell to Mixed Vintage.

First, look around Mixed Vintage online or in person to get to know pricing and types of items for sale Mixed Vintage.

Types of Merchandise Items:
Sterling and natural gem jewelry
Recycled Products, Reused materials
antique & altered parts, enamel, cast iron, locks, keys, hooks
Beads, strands of beads, fetishes, pendants, stud earrings, cabochon
Fabrics, piping, trimming,
Pendleton wool blankets, trader blankets, aprons
Buttons or other Closures
Paper, Scrap-booking, ephemera, patterns
Crafts, Handmade pottery
Knitting, crochet, tatting
Guy stuff: tools, shaving gear, dark-painted or wood items,
how-to manuals, yard, garden
boxes and tins, lamps,
small tables, small chests, small chairs
design elements
partially full or refillable perfume bottles
Collections or bundles of components (bag of color-coordinated buttons and ribbons)
Display items: turning trays, dolly, rolling carts

hats, purses, jackets, coats, shoes and decorative items In season and in style only

Mixed Vintage is very particular about condition. I do not accept broken, dirty, torn, out-of-date or out of season items. Sort out unacceptable items first. Create one batch for me ~batch offers only~ If you do not accept my offer, perhaps we’ll meet again!

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