Sunday, August 7, 2011

thinking today about the Ashland, San Francisco connection

I love Prize, Ashland's beautiful, upscale version of an old-fashioned general goods store. Jen, the friendly shop keeper tends lovingly to her shop as evidenced by her sparkling and delightful displays.
Any night I drive through downtown Ashland, I make sure to glance at Jen's softly-lit window displays, knowing it will brighten my night.
I remember Jen sharing a bit about her move to Ashland, and that she came from "the Bay Area". More insight is found here in this long ago article Hot Stuff
which shares a lot about Jen's interesting background.
Prize never fails to brighten my mood, provide a perfect "girlfriend outing", or inspire me to do better in my own display. a big "Yay" Jen, for bringing your operation to Ashland!
May Prize remain an Ashland staple for a long time to come!


  1. I'll have to go check out her shop. thanks for sharing.