Friday, July 13, 2012

Mixed Vintage Summer "I"M HOT!"

Thank you to my willing model Heather, of Handmade by Heather
Mixed Vintage Summer, originally uploaded by LynnWords.
BAM! Summer 2012 is here in full force this year. Meet the heat in too-hot-to-handle fashions.
Red, Orange, Yellow; say it with me now
"I"M HOT!"

Keep saying "I"M HOT!" and pretty soon the sun will go down again and you'll be left sizzling with that ice-cold lemonade in hand and looking really good too!

"I"M HOT!"


  1. Oh so HOT! Love your booth, everything is looking good. We went to Applegate Lake yesterday and swimming is divine. I love the heat and love to go places where I can cool off, you know there are plenty of those in Southern Oregon. And, of course I have use of the pool across the street, can't get any better than that, except maybe the lovely oceans in Southern California or Hawaii.

    1. Hey Victoria,
      Hot tips on staying cool in Southern Oregon! Of course a good cotton dress is great too.