Monday, January 27, 2014

Wardrobe Styling for Men like you

Wardrobe styling for men

Guys, it matters that you look your best.
I offer you a few basic wardrobe tips to get you motivated:
Pick a feature to emphasize: Do you sport good strong legs? Wear pants that hug your muscles a bit. 
Are your great chest or abs a great feature? Make sure your tee shirt, button-up, sweater and jacket are in your correct size.
Choose one fantastic, colorful or shiny item to bring home your amazing style.
If you don't yet own accessories you love, push yourself outside of your comfort zone with a small item (not cheap, small). 
Buy a ring, wear it on an unexpected finger. 
Buy real leather shoes, re-lace them in a fresh way (click links to see how).
Wear a bowtie, by golly: Forage Haberdashery in the Bay Area, makes it easy to brighten up your day with handmade bowties.
Get new eyeglass frames that are out of the ordinary, some guys are buying vintage frames to have them fitted with their current prescription. Cool!
 Finally, check yourself out in a well-lit mirror: Make sure your grooming is fresh! Keep your barber busy with frequent visits to clean up the ragged spots. 

Go on! Rummage through your stuff, stop by a local shop. Spend some time and money on wonderful you...


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