Monday, February 10, 2014

Not my Mother’s shoes

Shoes: comfort and style
How to do heels

I am learning (again) to walk in heels. I have worn heels for 25 years, but mainly kept the height to 2.5-inches. I am challenging myself to leave this rut and start wearing a taller heel. I began by trying on an assortment of heels to try to find what height felt right for me. I discovered that 3-3.25 inch heels could feel pretty great. I proceeded to try on shoes in that height only, to find 3-3.25 inch heels that fit right. Taller heel heights present a learning curve I had not expected. The additional height put my foot, especially my toes, in closer relationship with the shoe. I have to pay very close attention to toe-slide, ball-of-the-foot placement and toe box shape now. I decided on a pair of sexy ‘training’ heels that were the best of the options available in town. I have tons of heels shopping in my future, now that I have expanded my horizons. One of my underlying goals is to be proficient enough in tall-er heels prior to a third date with the right man. I chose JShoe's Flora, a lace-up in Black with tan trim, from Spring 2013.

JShoe Flora, Black with tan trim, Spring 2013
Not my Mother’s shoes
I had a shoe related revelation during my heel-height revamp. Typically when I shop, I keep my own counsel and only ask for others’ opinions once I decide about comfort and fit for myself. As a part of my shoe challenge, I changed my habit and asked my favorite shopping companion to choose shoes for me to try on. As she picked out shoes for me to consider, my dear self-proclaimed shoe-slut friend noticed my wrinkled nose and grimace, even as I said, “Ok, I’ll try it”. My bad habit began to reveal itself: I was saying yes to shoes I did not like. A “yes” with a wrinkled nose now equals a “NO”. I call this habit “trying on my mother’s shoes’. We on the West Coast call these ‘granola’ shoes. Hippie shoes. No more for me, I am retraining myself to put those shoes back on the display and choose the shoes that make me feel happy before I try them on. Someday I will need a comfort shoe, but I have healthy youngish feet right now, and vow in front of you all to wrap them in a style fit for my 40’s.

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