Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I have to wear a suit!

Clothe the one body of advantages you have. You are unique, focus on those qualities. Quit conforming to what you see in others. Striving to become like someone else is inherently stressful, disappointing and impossible to maintain. You have your own assets to express.

You probably know how you want to be perceived. Dress to get the response you desire and to get your message across. Before you have said one word your carriage in your outfit do the work for you to get your message across.

       “But I have to wear a suit!”
Jessica London Plus-Size blazer, pants, skirt
available size 12-32

When you have requirements in dressing for work you still have options. Your clothing can fit you in the way you want, it can glide over you or confine you or color you in ways that are yours. Success may rely on wearing particular clothing: suits, for example. You have options within suits too! Pick your fabrics, choose flattering colors, and pay very close attention to the fit. Cherry-pick the collar shape and style to enhance your face. The number and placement of buttons and seaming will create your best waistline; and select the length of the jacket to enhance your hips. Coordinate skirts in a few styles to flatter your bottom and legs. Add the same number of pants to break up your week. Have every suit tailored in the sleeve and skirt and pant length to fit you.

Your suit shopping comes before choosing the colorful blouses, belts, necklaces and scarves which make wearing a suit fun. These underpinnings cannot sustain the outfit. Do not try to camouflage a poorly fitting suit. Remember, you are expressing your self through these clothes. Make the suit do the work for you! Selecting accessories, shirts and blouses will become a treat when you allow them to serve the purpose of bringing flair, color and punch to the great suit you will be wearing every day.

       When you express your own style through your mode of dress, take note of the response you get. While it is encouraging to hear “you look cute today”, remember your larger goal. Stay focused on the message you want to express. Take on this challenge seriously. I tell everyone; it will be lots of hard work to get your wardrobe in working order. You will try on a lot of clothing. The payoff will come: when you’re getting dressed for your day; and when you meet with people. Reap the rewards of getting the response you desire and deserve. Love the way you look.


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